Helpful Resources

Below, you’ll find a variety of resources for sexual health, pregnancy, domestic violence, bullying and so on. If you have a link that  should be added to this page, please contact me at weheohio[at]gmail[dot]com . *Please let me know of any medically accurate latino resources in Spanish so I can make this list more comprehensive*


Adoption, Abortion, Parenting

Pregnancy Options Workbook: Helps the reader work through various feelings about her unintended pregnancy and what option could be right for her.

Planned Parenthood: Basic outline of pregnancy – how it occurs, when to take a test, what options you have, etc.

CPC Watch: Crisis Pregnancy Centers are places that advertise ‘free’ counseling and pregnancy tests, but are usually ran by volunteers who seek to lure in women who may be considering abortion so they may lie, trick, and scare the woman into keeping the pregnancy whether she wants to or not. These are NOT medical clinics. This page tracks known fake clinics, so women don’t accidentally end up visiting one.

Abortion ClinicsTo find an abortion clinic or abortion doctor near you. If you’re not yet sure what option you’ll choose, many abortion clinics (including the one I volunteer for) will provide you with counseling about ALL THREE of your options, not just abortion. They may also have an established direct relationship with an adoption agency.

Adoption: Outlines every adoption issue possible, including closed vs. open adoption and what rights, if any, a birth parent will have if an open adoption agreement isn’t kept by the adoptive parent(s). Remember that an adoption counselor/advocate should be just as much YOUR advocate as they are for the adoptive parent(s).

WIC: Pregnant, but low-income? If you’re considering parenting but need financial help, this page will tell you how to get that help. Women, Infants & Children is the federal program that provides state grants to feed low-income mothers and their children under 5 years of age.

Benefits: If you are already a low-income mother with a child over the age of 5, or you are a single father, please go here to learn about Temporary Assistance For Needy Families and other possible federal help.

BacklineBackline is here for you with unbiased and unconditional support – before, during and after pregnancy, no matter what choices you make.

ExhaleCall Exhale to talk freely about your experience with abortion.

Faith Aloud: For people of faith to discuss abortion. This website is interfaith and includes clergy and laity from a vast number of religious faiths and denominations. *Also in Spanish*


Contraception, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Masturbation, Negotiating Consent

Scarlateen: The most comprehensive resource for every sexual question imaginable, for every sexual identity and orientation imaginable. This websites discusses absolutely everything – if you can think of it, they already have. Started as a resource for teens, but has become so much more. People of any age can learn something new here! And best of all, it is 100% guaranteed medically accurate and unbiased.

WEBMD Birth Control: Just what it says, a rundown of different contraceptive options and how they work, including Plan B.

Emergency Contraception: A guide that aims to answer all questions about EC, otherwise known as Plan B.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Great rundown of all possible diseases/infections on one page.

Sexual Health Week: Negotiating with your partner.

GYT: Get Yourself Tested covers an array of questions about infections, protection, how and where to get tested.

STD Checkup: Name says it all. Invaluable resource.

Teen Health Birth Control: A resource for younger folks.

Maria Talks: Another resource for younger folks, made by and for teenagers. Possibly a good resource for parents, as this website uses common teenage ‘dialect’ in discussing these issues.


Rape, Mental & Physical Abuse

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center: On the phone or in person.

Cleveland Domestic Violence Center: On the phone or in person.

Domestive Violence: On the phone, online, or in person resources. Includes definitions, common myths, red flags, questions about leaving, etc.

RAINN: The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. Hotlines, statistics, questions, recovery, resources by state.


All topics above, and then some, resources that focus primarily on LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ Community Center of Greater Cleveland: Youth counseling & support, senior programs, free HIV tests, a safe space for persons of the community to be open and honest without fear of bigotry.

Amplify Your Voice: Contact a Peer Educator, read experiences by other queer youth, relationships, gender-neutral bathrooms, etc.

The Trevor Project: On the phone or online chat, talk to crisis intervention specialists about the struggles of being a gay youth in today’s society, without fear of judgement. This project began as a response to the rising LGBTQ suicide rate among youth.

LifeLube: Physical, sexual, mental and emotional health for gay men; as well as communication, intimacy and spirituality.

Red Circle Project: A cultural network for the Native American LGBTQ population.

NBGMAC: National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition is committed to improving the health and well-being of Black gay men through advocacy that is focused on research, policy, education and training.

GLMA: The Gay & Lesbian Medical Association is a great place to find a queer-friendly health care provider.

GMDVP: Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project provides legal advocacy, national hotline, safety planning, safe house, house and employment assistance, and more.

GDV: Gay Domestic Violence website is a great place to find legal information on everything from stalking to battery, for adults and children.


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