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We’ve Had Enough – Ohio was inspired by our fellow Reproductive Heroes in Pennsylvania. States all across the country have been facing an increasing onslaught of anti-choice legislation that would erase the advances we’ve already fought for and won in the past 40 years, and Ohio has been the epicenter of some of those most onerous restrictions, such as the Heartbeat Bill.

In addition to reproductive justice, WHEO will aim to signal-boost all social justice concerns in the state of Ohio and keep readers updated on local legislation and activist opportunities.


Leah moved to Cleveland 10 years ago after growing up in Detroit, MI, and has come to despise the Ohio GOP while working on campaigns to overturn the voter suppression bill HB194 and union-busting SB5. She’s volunteered as a Clinic Escort for Preterm, as well as other projects with Planned Parenthood, NARAL and Progress Ohio. She had the pleasure of raising hell at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL with Fight For a Fair Economy and is very grateful that the 2016 RNC has chosen to come to her this time.

A recovered eating disorder patient, Leah currently battles chronic pain with headaches/migraines, TMJ, acid reflux, depression and IBS; is going back to school for an Associates in Social Work; and will be blogging at We’ve Had Enough – Ohio.

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  1. Have you ever had an abortion personally? It’s a horrible experience. I have worked with post abortive women for 10 years and they are physically, mentally and emotionally scarred by their “choice”. I’m not so much pro-life as I am pro-woman and I see them after they make their “choice” and 90% of them regret it and wish they would have known how it was going to affect them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.. Every time they hear a baby cry, when their projected due date rolls around every year, when they become pregnant with a “wanted” child. A majority of them suffer from PTSD…you may only see them before the abortion and I can tell you the aftermath is very tragic. You seem to really care about women and I really encourage you to talk to some post abortive women 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years later and see what they have to say now. Let’s push contraception as much as we can because abortion is a choice that no woman should ever have to make.

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