We’re Going Balls-Out For Abortion Funding!

It’s that time of year again, folks! The one and only time I will ever willingly participate in anything remotely sport-affiliated. See, I’m clumsy. Combined with my defective depth perception, this makes for a thrilling life of bumps and bruises. Doorways are particular hazardous, and it’s a damn miracle I’ve yet to dislocate a shoulder.

The dismal unemployment rate here in Ohio doesn’t particularly care about my clever ability to fall up the stairs, though. Neither does the Ohio State Legislature, despite my vehement demands that they oughtta. So on April 26th, I will indeed be haphazardly tossing large, heavy balls down a slick wooden floor while wearing nasty, floppy shoes.*

If you can find it in your cold, shriveled, feminist heart (ha! ha!) to fund my humiliation, I would be forever grateful. Every penny goes directly to the local Cleveland Feminist Clinic,  where so many women struggle to come up with the funds for their reproductive health care. It is thanks only to donation funds such as this one that the clinic is able to work out payment plans with it’s patients, as well as providing emergency contraception at a discounted price.

Click HERE to donate.

*You, too, can humiliate yourself for donations if you’d like. Click HERE to find a Bowl-A-Thon in your area!


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