Activism, yay! Ohio’s October/November Event Round-Up

November 23

Women’s Group – Occupy Cleveland Outreach
When? 8:00pm
Where? Tower 230230 W. Huron, Cleveland, OH
What? We aim to create a safe space for woman-identified individuals to discuss ideas and goals on how Occupy Cleveland can incorporate events/direct actions to better demonstrate the movement’s solidarity with women in their struggles. Come on down, share a bite/drink/idea. We look forward to networking with other Cleveland women! Please share with your friends and family.
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November 30

Appreciation Night for the Friends of Nickie J. Antonio
When? 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Where? Latitude 41n, 5712 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, OH
What? Appetizers, beer, wine, door prizes! This is a free event* to volunteers, donors, and friends of the campaign. See the RSVP page for Host Committee list. *donations are optional, remember Ohio State income tax forms allow a political contribution as a tax credit for individuals up to $50 and married couples filing jointly can claim up to a $100 credit. If you are able to help with a more generous contribution, of course, that would certainly be appreciated.
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Move to Amend Cleveland Meeting
When? 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where? Peace House , 10916 Magnolia Dr., Cleveland, OH
What? The meeting will start with a 40 minute film, CorpOrNation: the History of Citizens and Corporations in Ohio. Major meeting agenda items include organizing: 1. “Occupy the Courts” 1 day action at the federal court in Cleveland on January 20, 2012 (2 yr anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision) 2. Campaign to pass a resolution in Cleveland and other area communities to abolish never-intended corporate constitutional rights and money is speech. 3. Film series on corporate power/corporate rights. All are welcome!
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Protest At The Y.O.U.N.G. Expo
When? 8:00am – 2:30pm
Where? Multiple locations, Youngstown, OH
What? Join No Frack Ohio in a day of protest, learning, and building relationships for action! Start at the First Unitarian Universialist Church for coffee, muffins and networking at 8:00am; ending with a march from the church to to Covelli Center for protest, then on to the Square for rally. Please see No Frack Ohio for full event details!
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Join Occupy Cleveland
When? October 6th – ?
Where? Tom Johnson Quadrant of Public Square
What? Still going strong, despite the arrests on Friday, October 22Various working groups that have been formed will facilitate daily General Assembly meetings at 6pm, as well as direct actions, performances and other activities. Please see the Daily Digest (updated as of Oct. 27) for information on various education opportunities from the Working Groups ranging from sexual assault concerns to art to civil disobedience and direct action.
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Repeal Senate Bill 5 – VICTORY! 
What? Distribute Absentee Ballot Request Applications because these forms will NOT be mailed to voters automatically this year; Canvass or Phone Bank to converse with the community about the importance of voting NO on Issue 2 in order to STOP SB5.
Contact? Fight For A Fair Economy or We Are Ohio

October 28 through November 4th

Precision Security Food Drive
When? Drop off donations Monday – Friday, 10:00pm – 4:00pm
Where? 13705 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, OH
What? PS is collecting non-perishable food items for their winter Food Drive. Please donate anything you can. Cereal, soup, canned veggies, beans, etc.
RSVP? None!

October 28

Cleveland Critical Mass Halloween Ride
When? 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Where? Public Square, Cleveland, OH
What? Cleveland Critical Mass is a local grassroots initiative to promote bicycling as a means of transportation and recreation, assert bicyclists’ rights to the road, build and foster community, and have fun.  In concert with over 300 cities internationally, Critical Mass group bicycle rides originating from Downtown Cleveland take place on the last Friday of every month. The October ride has taken on the tradition of becoming a costumed stroll around town, and this year will be no different. So dress up however you’d like (or not). Noodlecat will be hosting a Halloween and end-of-the-season party for CCM following the ride. Occupy Cleveland will be joining!
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October 29

Occupy Cleveland Visits Lakewood
When? 8:00am – 5:00pm
Where? Marc’s Plaza, Detroit Ave., Lakewood, OH
What? There will be about six or seven members of Occupy Cleveland at the table Saturday. The activists hope to reach out to the Lakewood community to encourage dialogue and participation in the movement. All are welcome.
RSVP? None. Just come on down!

AFL-CIO ‘No on Issue 2/SB’ Rally
When? 10:00am – 3:00pm
Where? Union Hall, 3250 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH
What? Speaker: International President of American Federation of Teachers. Occupy Cleveland will be joining. Labor Canvass/Phone Bank afterwards.
RSVP? None. Just come on down!

The Women of Imperial Ave. Candlelight Vigil
When? 5:15pm
Where? Next to serial killer Anthony Sowell’s home, at 12205 Imperial Ave., Cleveland, OH
What? The rally and candlelight vigil, to mark the second anniversary of the murders of 11 Black women on Cleveland’s Imperial Ave., will open with a prayer for the betterment of women by Jean Whitte, a member of the Imperial Women and Black on Black CrimeOccupy Cleveland will also be standing in solidarity. Please lend your support and your heart for this important rememberance.
RSVP? None. Just come on down!

Anthony Fossaceca ‘NO on Issue 2’ Canvass
When? 9:30am – 2:00pm
Where? Panera Bread, 6130 Kruse Drive, Solon, OH
What? Help us kickoff the final 10 days of campaign 2012 with the most intense, fun, energized, mobilized canvass against SB5 in modern times. It will be easy. It will be fun. And it will be worth the time and effort. All we need is YOU. Because SB5 affects YOU. Meet for coffee, donuts, and clipboards. We canvass for a few hours, then meet back up at Panera for some hot food, cold drinks, and fiery speeches to recap and celebrate our efforts.
If you like your house not burning to the ground, you should be there.
If you like not having mayhem in the streets, you should be there.
If you like kids on your block knowing how to read, you should be there.
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October 30

Occupy The Hood Cleveland Presents ‘Village Soup’
When? 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Where? 11239 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH
What? Come join us and put the UNITY back in CommUNITY by addressing the issues disproportionately affecting People of Color and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD to help bring forth viable solutions; and Enjoy Delicious Soup and other activities! Bring something to put in our pot of soup if you desire. (Sponsored By the Audacity Of Hope Foundation)
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Occupy Cleveland Planning and Organizational Meeting
When? 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Where? Trinity Cathedral, 2230 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH
What? We are looking to expand our operations and get bigger action going, and for that to happen we need more people involved, and more help with our planning and process. That means YOU! If you support the cause, you don’t need to camp, but helping plan events, reach out to communities, and organize rallies is so important. If you have experience with this sort of event planning , you will be vital. If you don’t, but just want to help, there is so much our occupiers need on a daily basis, and this meeting will help you put your every-day skills to great use for #OccupyCleveland!
RSVP? None. Just come on down!

Occupy Columbus ‘Inside Job’ Screening
When? 3:00pm – 5:30pm
Where? Victory’s Pizza and Grub, 543 S. High Street, Columbus, OH
What? Screening of the movie “Inside Job”, which details many of the events and policy decisions that led to the 2008 recession. It’s a very eye-opening film about what all is going on with Wall St. and the government, and we encourage everyone to go see it. Following the movie there will be time for discussion. Hope to see everyone there!
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October 31

Occupy Cleveland Halloween Event: ScareCorps Scarecrows
When? 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Where? Tom Johnson Quadrant of Public Square
What? Have fun making ScareCorps scarecrows for a 5pm Halloween display. The scarecrows are commentary regarding the ease of overnight assembly in Public Square. It is our innate right to assemble and solve problems comfortably in a long term manner on our land. We need enough straw, burlap, twine, paint for faces, etc. to make twenty “ScareCorps” to lay as sleeping figures around the quadrant. We’ll write a corporation’s name on each “sleeping” ScareCorps. We can use things like old pillowcases with blown up balloons inside for heads and burlap and cloth for torsoes. Arms and legs optional, depending on creative whim! We need all the hands we can get. And it’ll be fun!
RSVP? None. Just come on down!

November 4

Stand for the Dream Action
When? 12:00pm
Where? Chase Bank, 1300 E. 9th St, Cleveland, OH
What? Come join the action to protest the malpractices of the big banks and their continuing negative impact on our economy. Meet on the sidewalk in front of the bank. Feel free to bring signs!
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November 5

Ohio Street Protest For Gay Marriage!
When? 11:00am – 6:00pm
Where? Fountain Square, 520 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH
What? Protest three days before voting day in Cincinnati, OH. Bring signs and show your pride and support!  For this to work we will need a large amount of Protesters! ORGANIZATIONS: Equality OhioReformed Catholic ChurchSPEAKER: Chris Seelbach
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Cleveland – Get Out The Vote On Issue 2
When? 9:00am – 9:00pm, varying shifts
Where? Firehouse, 1455 W 29th St., Cleveland, OH 44113
What? 1.3 million signatures agree with us—and now is the time to get out the vote for No on Issue 2. We need to tell every single voter what’s at stake when they go to cast their ballot, and to stand with Ohio’s workers and vote no on this devastating legislation. We’ll be canvassing in your neighborhood to make sure our neighbors know the truth, but we could use your help. Stand with us and every worker in Ohio and join us for one canvassing shift. OFA Ohio organizers will train you to knock on the doors, and we’ll send you to get the word out. Bring a friend so you can go knock together and get out the vote.
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ISO-CLE & Occupy Cleveland Canvass Against Issue 2
When? 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where? AFL-CIO Office, 3250 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH
What? The ISO of Cleveland is organizing a carpool from Public Square to the AFL-CIO office 5:30 PM, but there are opportunities to canvass throughout the day (@ 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, and 6PM). No experience is necessary, and the AFL-CIO will be providing an extensive training beforehand.
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Bank Transfer Day
When? Whenever your bank opens on Saturdays!
Where? Everywhere!
What? Together we can ensure that these banking institutions will always remember the 5th of November. If we shift our funds from the for-profit banking institutions in favor of not-for-profit credit unions before this date, we will send a clear message that conscious consumers won’t support companies with unethical business practices. It’s time to invest in local community growth! (WHEOhio note: In recognition of the fact that not all of us can qualify for credit union accounts, please note Dollar Bank, a great local community bank that invests in Ohio’s small businesses! Another alternative is Netspend, which can accessed online and provides direct deposit and visa debit card just like community banks, as well as a small grace for overdrafts – meaning NO FEE. I’ve personally used Netspend and hold them in very high regard!)
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November 6

Occupy Cleveland One Month Anniversary Get-Together
When? 2:00pm – 10:00pm
Where? Willard Park & Public Square
What? We will be celebrating our one month anniversary with an opportunity to be a little less political, and a little more social. Forge bonds, and make friends to help us through the winter and find common ground for common action. We will meet at the Free Stamp beginning at 2PM, and at 5PM we will march to public square, where we will remain until 10PM. Come down and have a good time!
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November 7

Working America Phone Bank: Reject Issue 2/SB5
When? TBA
Where? TBA
What? Call constituents to remind them that election day is November 8th; discuss the ramifications of Issue 2 and encourage NO votes. If you’ve never phonebanked before, DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! It is easy, it’s fun, and very rewarding!
RSVP? Call 216-781-3032 for information on how you can participate.

November 11

‘We Aren’t the Number Ones’ Fest!
When? 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Where? Bella Dubby, 13321 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107
What? Benefit show for Occupy Cleveland Camp. We’re taking anything to help the movement and further the conversation: money, tents, sleeping bags, and/or general interest. Featuring:
Kill The Hippies, Dead Peasant Insurance, Attention Deficit Glee Club, Excremente (W/Morte Treehorn and Poopy Nero)
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Veterans/Armistice Day March for DEMOCRACY! 
When? 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Where? Levis Square, Toledo, OH
What? Occupy Toledo invites all of Toledo to a March and Rally in honor of all Veterans, and all those currently in active duty in the Military. We ask that all Veterans, Veterans for Peace, and any other Military organizations in support of the global Occupations come out, and join us in solidarity. We will gather at Levis Square in downtown Toledo, and then march up Madison to Michigan St. to the courthouse, across the courthouse lawn towards One Government Center down Jackson to St. Clair, and then back to Levis Square for a rally. Please see RSVP page for speaker list as it is extensive.
This march is in Solidarity with this global day of Occupation, and protest.
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Veterans Day Celebration
When? 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Where? Twist, 11633 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland, OH
What? Come hang out with NEOAVER at Twist on Veterans Day! Say thanks to everyone who served. CIVILIANS are welcome too of course! Of everyone who is old enough to serve, us veterans are only “12%” — we’ld be LOST without all of the civilian allies who lobby and fight for us! We want to thank you for YOUR support as much as any of you want to thank us.
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November 12 & November 13

Occupy Public Square! Numerous Event Detail
• 12:00pm Gather to begin creating art for 4:00pm direct action.
• 1:00pm Speakers TBA.
• 2:00pm Music by Johnathan Blackshire and Loki.
• 3:00pm March; fun times and no risk.
• 4:00pm Direct Action; Nonviolent and FUN direct action to re-occupy our shared public space which should not be a cause for concern, BUT there is a potential CIVIL DISOBEDENCE/ARREST RISK, so please evaluate this for yourself. Action will be: “Cleveland Occupies the Banks”
-There will be stencils and supplies to create and decorate headbands
-Bring clothing to stencil and decorate
– OccupyCleveland T-shirt to be given away to best Monopoly guy costume (we’ll be doing some red and green houses to match)
-No tents, we’re building HOUSES (to be carried/worn)
-Please visit Occupy Cleveland for event needs!
This action is designed as a creative way to highlight the issues surrounding foreclosure in our communities. All houses are being created as pieces of art, designed to be mobile (not structural). These pieces of art will be set up with the intention of moving if we are ‘foreclosed on’. We are not intending to create or escalate high-arrest-risk situations. Please, if you are planning on participating in the direct action, understand this but that there might be risk of arrest and let us know HERE.
Where? Public Square, Tom Johnson Free Speech (NW) quadrant
What? General Description: Our goal is to gather upon Public Square in protest of the domination of the 1% that controls economic and political power.  Cleveland is being TORN APART BY FORECLOSURE and we say NO!  So we’re going to build a city and go occupy the very banks that are occupying our city. If you support the Occupy Cleveland ideals of individual empowerment, economic justice, political freedom, and nonviolence, now is the time. Join us on Public Square, northwest quadrant, this Saturday… and rolling right into Sunday. The Occupation will be there. Will you be a part of it?
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November 12

All-Ohio Occupation Rally & Conference
When? 10:00am – 11:00pm
Where? Bicentennial Riverfront Park, Columbus, OH
What? All-day casual conference and outreach for every occupation movement in Ohio to come together!
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Occupy Mansfield November 12th, 2011
When? 11:00am – ?
Where? Central Park, Mansfield, OH
What? We will gather near the MLK memorial to protest corporate greed and social inequities in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the global movement. Bring signs, fliers will be available to handout. Free hot coffee will be available at the Coffee Cup Inn at 574 Park Avenue East until 1pm.Sidewalk chalk is needed & fun! Kid-friendly protest as long as parent/guardian is present. We will have a chili tasting dinner at 4pm! Please bring your favorite chili to share as well as dinnerware! At 6pm we will hold a candle light vigil for those worldwide peaceful occupiers who are being murdered for protesting, please bring candles if you can. Bring a tent and learn how to peacefully practice civil disobedience in solidarity with the worldwide occupation. The occupation will end when the last occupier leaves the park…..
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November 13

Midlothian Free Health Clinic: Brunch Fundraiser
When? 11:00am – 3:00pm
Where? The Lemon Grove Café, 122 W. Federal Plaza, Youngstown, OH
What? Join us for a delicious brunch at the Lemon Grove and enjoy Jim Dudash (pianist with the Rainbow Tribe/Tribe of Two) and Performance Artist Brandon Martin (Dr. Goo). Basket raffle will take place, too. Cost: $15
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November 15

Produce for People
When? 10:00am – 2:00pm
Where? ATGC, 3210 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
What? The Aids Taskforce of Greater Cleveland is collaborating with our friends at The Cleveland Foodbank for three, count ’em, THREE produce distributions this winter. Our first will be on November 15th from 10am-2pm. This is open to the public. Additional event dates are December 13th and January 10th from 10am-2pm. All questions should be directed to Leon Hall, ATGC Director of Operations at 216-621-0766 ext. 227 or
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Pay it Forward Tuesday
When? 11:30am – 12:00am
Where? Jammy Buggers, 15625 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, OH
What? Every Tuesday at Jammy Buggers, fifteen percent of your bill goes to the charity of the week! This Tuesday, 15% will be donated to The Aids Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. Just mention AIDS Taskforce to your server or bartender.
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November 16

Cash Mob: Support Local Business!
When? 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where? Lincoln Park, W 11th and Starkweather, Cleveland, OH
What? ‘Cash Mobs’ is a Cleveland-based flash mob that supports local businesses. It’s simple: a bunch of us get together, “target” a store that is locally owned and does good work in the community, then spend $20 or so at that store. We get the satisfaction of supporting a local business and we get something in return. Simple as that. For the first one, we’ll meet in Lincoln Park at the corner of W. 11th and Starkweather at 6 p.m. We already have a business picked out, and the owner knows we’re coming. Look for the guy in the penguin hat when you get there. For more information visit the blog or follow us on Twitter @cashmobs !
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Women’s Health Forum
When? 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where? Bainbridge Town Hall, 13600 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH
What? Free town hall forum focusing on womens health issues; how the passage of Issue 3 will affect women & families; recent limiting abortion legislation and efffects on women; how you can help yourself and your families & much more! Judge Mary Jane Trapp will moderate. Panelists include Kellie Copeland (NARAL) Denise Gastesi (Progress Ohio) Lauren Harmon (Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus)
RSVP? On Facebook or Here!

OHLA Saves Birth Control!
When? 9:00am – 2:00pm
Where? Kilcawley Center, Youngstown State University, 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH
What? The Ohio Lady Advocates will be setting up shop on the first floor of Kilcawley Center (in front of ComDoc) on the YSU campus to raise awareness about the pressure being put on the White House to implement a “refusal clause” that would exclude certain religiously-affiliated employers (universities, hospitals, students at religious universities) from covering birth control. This is a move that, if accepted by the White House, will impact millions of women and families. OHLA will be encouraging students, faculty, and staff to call or text the White House to show support for the inclusion of ALL employees’ birth control in the Affordable Care Act.
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November 17

Collective Upcycle Opening Party
When? 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where? 13226 Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH
What? Upcycling is a kind of personal activism. It is a way of consuming and creating that relies on what is already available, as opposed to buying more stuff. The Collective Upcycle boutique will be open Thurs. – Sun., 11/17 – 12/24. It is a temporary pop-up shop – making use of a vacant shop space in Shaker Square. It provides a venue for artists, and upcycling fashionistas, to share our ideas and decorative art with others. Come join in as we make merry from our brand new spot in Shaker Square, the HQ of our pop-up Holiday Boutique! November 17th is our holiday pop-up grand opening.
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We Are the 99%
When? 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Where? Public Square, Cleveland, OH
What? will join the Occupy Cleveland movement for about an hour to demonstrate our solidarity with them. Bring signs that say things like “Federal funding for infrastructure to create jobs!” “Develop alternative energy sources to create jobs!” Message from host: If you can bring food or anything you think the occupiers could use that would be great. MoveOn’s primary message for the day is “Where are the federal and state dollars to fix our infrastructure and create jobs” They are keeping the money and not spending it. Please join us!. Thank you
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Signs Against Corruption (SAC) Meeting
When? 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Where? Gypsy Bean Cafe, 6425 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH
What? We will be gathering in the back room of Gypsy (locally owned mom-n-pop coffee house with vegetarian food options) to make new signs for the movement. Please bring any supplies you feel would be helpful. I will bring cardboard and a set of markers! Be ready to have the BEST cup of coffee or Latte in Cleveland and enjoy using art to bust corruption in our system!
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November 18

Over-Criminalization of Youth: Causes & Collateral Impact on Homelessness
When? 8:30am – 2:15pm
Where? Max Wohl Civil Liberties Center, 4506 Chester Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113
What? Join the ACLU of Ohio and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland for a seminar examining the collateral consequences youth following contact with the juvenile justice system. (4.0 FREE CLE available. 4.0 social work CEU credits will be offered, pending approval.)
RSVP? Here

Occupy the Hood Cleveland “Foreclosure Focus!” Workshop
When? 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where? 11239 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH
What? Corporate Greed in America has continuously attacked hundreds of people in our communities, causing them to lose their hopes due to the practice of Fraudulent Foreclosures. Find out how many have suffered from this degrading practice and how to fight back and stay in hour home. DO NOT BE A VICTIM TO THIS DEGRADING PRACTICE BY THE BANKS. Our speakers for this much needed workshop will include:
George Friday – Bill of Rights Defense Committee
David and Marva Patterson, Homeowners
Latefah Shampine, Experienced the Abuse of the Foreclosure Process
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Transgender Day of Remembrance
When? 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where? The Free Stamp, E 9th & Lakeside, Cleveland, OH
What? The Transgender Day of Remembrance is held annually as a memorial to trans-identified and gender variant individuals who are murdered each year due to hate, transphobia and our strict adherence to the gender binary. This event aims to raise awareness and educate the larger community in order to effect change in this horrifying trend. We will hold a candlelight vigil as a memorial for those we have lost. We will continue at Cleveland City Hall, where we will hear from local leaders about ways in which they and the community at large can get engaged in the movement for change. Following the program, people are invited to congregate at Bounce/Union Station in order to network, socialize, and celebrate how far we have come as a community.
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Genderbloc Genderf*ck DRAG SHOW
When? 9:00pm – 12:00am
Where? Catskeller, 1st Fl Tangeman Uni. Center, 2600 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH
What? It’s that time of year again! Come one, come all Genderbloc’s Fall Genderf*ck Drag Show honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance. There will be a raffle with sexy prizes! The Drag Show is FREE to the public, but we will be accepting donations which will benefit both TransOhio and Genderbloc. See all your favorite performers as well as a few new ones. Make sure to get there early, because Catskeller will fill up fast! Challenge gender roles by f*cking them up!
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