Feminists! It’s Time. Occupy!

This post has been on the shelf for a few weeks now. I have found myself overwhelmed with different activist interests, the one paying job I have (canvassing) and my health problems.

There is no right way to write this, I’ve come to that conclusion. There is no perfect post concerning the Occupy movement. Within Occupy Cleveland specifically, there is consensus, and there is dissent; and yet there is hope, always.

My first tattoo, located on my inner right wrist reads: “I Find Hope”.

Today, I truly do find hope. This year has beaten me down to the ground over and over again. Like many other activists, I have had mornings where – despite my pep talks before turning in for the night – I have woken up with the thought: “Why bother. God only knows what I’ll be greeted with when I turned on the computer today.” Amidst the attacks on our most humble of public servants, we’ve faced attack after attack on women. The pill. Our pap smears. It’s immoral, TEH SEX! we’re all Jezebels – and firefighters get too much money and healthcare, AMIRITE?

Finally, the ninety-nine percent have awoken. Our slumber was interrupted by hungry bellies, by hard work that never payed off. We can do everything right, and still, we are stuck at the bottom. The bottom – where living paycheck-to-paycheck is a RELIEF – it tastes bad. We know, we’re not terrible, lazy people. We know, we work hard. We know the thirst for a university education. And fresh food to eat, instead of Ramen Noodles and cans of Chef Boyardee.

Well, that’s just too bad. That’s just another reason to defund Planned Parenthood. Oh, you thought that particular charade wasn’t a part of this? Well, I’ve got news for you. The first step to ending the cycle of poverty is: Planning Your FAMILY!

No, really.

It’s all intertwined, folks. And now, more than ever, Feminism needs to step up. We need make our voices heard. We are the 99%.

Join a General Assembly near you. Join a Working Group. Donate, march, speak UP. This is our movement, too. It’s time.

This is “The Third Wave”. Let’s remember those that came before us, and make them proud. We hold the torch now.


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